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An eye for an eye! [Nov. 25th, 2008|09:33 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |lolicatgirls.swf]

Here, we have an lj-cut.Collapse )
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Un ojo por un ojo!! [Nov. 1st, 2008|08:49 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating
[Current Location |Missouri]
[music |Many Funerals by Eisley]

aka an eye for an eye! ^___^Collapse )

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an eye for an eye ? [Jun. 23rd, 2008|05:28 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating

[mood |cheerfulcheerful]

o~hohoho~Collapse )
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An eye for an eye...~ [Jun. 7th, 2008|10:32 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating
lul, I always sound so lame in these things.Collapse )
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Innocence is nice.... [Jun. 5th, 2008|07:55 am]
D.Gray-Man Rating

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"An eye for an eye"... and the such [May. 5th, 2008|05:17 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating

[mood |soresore]
[music |永遠の刹那 by On/Off]

Read more...Collapse )
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Hallo all~ [May. 4th, 2008|02:37 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating
I know that this post probably isn't allowed, but I've noticed that the mod of this community has deleted her journal. ._.

And there's been little activity here and nothing's been happening - so I've created:


It's a D. Gray Man rating comm as well. And I hope this one will be active. C:

I do needs mods to help me though - I have times where I disappear (and I don't watch the anime, so that's another factor, lawl).

Thanks for your time! I hope to see you there.
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An eye for an eye... [Apr. 8th, 2008|05:11 am]
D.Gray-Man Rating

[mood |chipperchipper]

Er... yosh. New member, as well! ^^

...*crickets* ._.; Ahem. *clears throat*

...it's pretty fair, if you ask me...Collapse )
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~*an eye for an eye*~ [Mar. 25th, 2008|10:12 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating

[music |Rie fu - Anata ga Koko ni Iru Riyuu]

Hello! New member desu~ ^^

If this community is still alive :)

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An eye for an eye [Sep. 15th, 2007|05:45 pm]
D.Gray-Man Rating

[mood |busy]
[music |Scarlet Piano - Ayashi no Ceres]

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